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Our team

Our success - the human capital and innovation

We believe that our strength is made out of the quality of our human capital and ist power of innovation.

Started by team of young professionals with more than 10 years experience in IT, our goal is to innovate the IT solutions using the latest, most performant and advanced technologies.

We focus on quality and potential, so all our employees have at least a univesity degree in the IT field (mostly computer science, automation or electrotehnics), and a selection criterion for our employees is also having an official certification from Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Java, PMP, etc. We are always looking and trying to win in our team young professional, fresh graduates or senior students who have a "native talent and passion" for IT. Echipa noastra imbina armonios experienta cu entuziasmul, pasiunea, talentul, dorinta de depasire, de a fi mai buni in fiecare zi. Our team perfectly combines experience with enthusiasm, passion, talent and the desire to overcome any challenge.

Innovation is our strength and our success, that's why our team has access to the newest information in form of IT magazines, books, trainings. Each member of our team can choose its working hours, flexible plan its schedule (work, trainings, try new ideas, etc.) without "cutting" from its personal free, spare time or even worst, project time. All of these being possible due to the rigourous planning and scheduling of the projects.

Passion and enthusiasm are the basics of our success, thus our team is made up only of people passionate about IT, innovation, technology and success. High quality services and performant solutions, delivering in time and what the customer really needs, have made us a trusted partner in the highly competitive IT industry.

We are open to new perspectives, new approaches, innovative ideas, we believe in the exchange of ideas and thoughts, we think that such things encourage the creativity and lead to innovation. We are aware of each individual's potential and personality, we know that big thinkers, great personalities can evolve only in an open, competitive, stimulative, profesional environment. We know that together we are a great, succesfull team.

How does it feel to work @ e-solutions

e-solutions values the work-life balance. Our team can choose for itself the working hours and vacations: the privacy, degree of freedom and flexibility of working hours of our employees define also our working philosophy.

Passion and enthusiasm are the essence of our success, that's why our team is made up only of people passionate about what they do, IT, innovation, technology and success.