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About us


e-solutions is new young company, started in 2005, with customers both in Romania and Europe (mostly in Germany). e-solutions is a software house, offering many IT solutions and services. Started by team of young professionals with more than 10 years experience in IT, our goal is to innovate the IT solutions using the latest, most performant and advanced technologies.

e-solutions is praised by its clients and partners for its professionalism, expertise in IT business and ability to build IT solutions and technologies into value-added solutions. The experience in the IT business, the skills and certifications of our team at e-solutions offer the best premises for services at the highest professional level. Our challenge is to respond as quick as possible to our customers needs and react fast in the IT business.

The people at e-solutions are our values in everthing we do, every product and service we provide, develop, implement. These values are customer orientation, trust and courage, team spirit, respect, integrity and professionalism and social responsibility. Staring with 2005 we succeeded to build a succesful team in these software industry - an industy ruled by dynamism, high expectations, continuous change, fierce concurents and high demands from customers. These facts motivate us and determine us to enter into competition with ourselves, to set for ourselves new limits for performance and profesionalism.

Our success - the human capital and innovation

We believe in the power of the innovation and not in the powe of the technology. But we also believe that new technology is a fundamental tool for creating valuable, powerful products. We strongly believe in what we build and we also believe that our products can increase our customers efficiency, bringing them the desired and needed added-value to be successful.

Fundamental in everything we do are the human beings, our customers, our parteners and our team, who build the human capital of our company. Everything we build starts with analyzing and understanding the needs of the end-user and ends with providing valuable custom software solutions, designed according to the requirements and activity of the end-user. Each stage in the design process is made according to the needs and perspective of the customer. The result will ensure ease of use, reducing the response and reacting time and thus optimize decision-making.

We enjoy what we do and we do it with passion and enthusiasm ... we like the challenges and we enjoy overcoming them. We are open to new perspectives, new approaches, innovative ideas, we believe in the exchange of ideas and thoughts, we think that such things encourage the creativity and lead to innovation. We are aware of each individual's potential and personality, we know that big thinkers, great personalities can evolve only in an open, competitive, stimulative, profesional environment. We know that together we are a great, succesfull team.

Our philosophy

e-solutions business philosophy is based on long term relationships with the customers. Our team is focused on bringing value for our customers and partners, our specialists act not only as software developers, but as well as specialized, trusted consultants.

Our mission does not end with the project closure, but only when the project will bring to our client the desired added value.